In the spring of 2022, researchers at the NESP conducted a survey of Nevadans to assess their views on the upcoming primary election, as well as on various political issuess. You can read the results of all of NESP’s surveys by clicking on “Survey Reports” at the top of the page.

Here is an exceprt from the press release:

The poll also hints at close governor and U.S. Senate races in November. In a hypothetical matchup between Steve Sisolak and Joe Lombardo for governor, 43% of Nevadans said they planned to vote for Sisolak, compared to 31% for Lombardo, while 16% remain undecided. 48% plan to vote forCatherine Cortez Masto, compared to 27% for Adam Laxalt, while 14% remain undecided.

Although the Democratic incumbents have clear leads, these results suggest potential ceilings of voter support for both Governor Sisolak and Senator Cortez Masto. “No matter the matchup, even with less competitive candidates, they each received a similar percentage of support,” notes Jeremy Gelman, one of the University of Nevada, Reno political scientists who fielded the poll.

“This suggests they have a ceiling of support right now, somewhere in the mid to upper 40s, with the rest of the electorate looking for an alternative choice. Once voters learn more about the Republican candidates, we expect polls in the fall to be much closer.”