The Nevada Election Survey Project (NESP), run by political scientists at the University of Nevada Reno, conducts surveys of Nevadans on their political and policy views. These studies are designed to measure Nevadans’ views on candidates, general election support, attitudes towards political figures and institutions, and views on policy issues.

Nevada has many characteristics that make it an important place to study American electoral politics. As a key battleground state, media and voters want to know what to expect on Election Day. During presidential election years, Nevada holds an early primary and features a diverse population that more closely resembles the country’s general population compared to fellow early primary states. As such, its primary is viewed as a bellwether for which candidate will be nominated for president and generates substantial national political interest. Midterm elections are also important political events as Nevada regularly has close races for governor, US House, and US Senate seats. More generally, as a politically diverse state, Nevadans’ political concerns often reflect broader divisions in the American electorate.

The NESP is currently run by Dr. Jeremy Gelman, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Dr. Christina Ladam, Assistant Professor of Political Science. Drs. Gelman and Ladam both teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in American politics and methodology.